Kitchen Sink Bundle

SQUARE_KitchenSinkEvery single Papastache DVD is included in this bundle!

  • Hendrix Master Class 4-DVD Set (Valued at $158)
  • 100 Blues-Rock Licks 5-DVD Set (Valued at $155.77)
  • Beginners Breakthrough Acoustic Series 6-DVD Set (Valued at $126.77)
  • Rock & Blues Rhythm 4-DVD Set (Valued at $97)
  • Rock Techniques 3-DVD Set (Valued at $49)
  • Shred Licks 2-DVD Set (Valued at $34)
  • Explosive Blues Licks DVD (Valued at $27)
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Hendrix Master Class 4-DVD Set

hendrix-master-classDVD 1: – Wanna play rhythm like Jimi? Then watch this DVD as you learn how to incorporate the minor pentatonic scale in your own rhythm playing by using the different positions in the scale in conjunction with hammer-ons and pull-offs. And then to add melodic licks we’ll chain the chords in the progression together. Sweet!

DVD 2: – Learn to incorporate and understand all of the rhythm ideas used in Jimi’s masterpiece. “Bold As Love.” Learn the E, A, and D inversions off all of the chords to open up the fretboard in ways you never dreamed possible. Learn the classic R&B style riffs that are essential to being able to use Hendrix’s rhythm approach in your playing.

DVD 3: – Here I’ll show you how to play a song in the exact style of Jimi’s epic song, “Manic Depression.” You’ll also learn how to play in different time signatures and how to add that “swing feel” to your playing. Not only that, but you’re also going to learn how to use scales, chords, and the infamous “Hendrix Chord” together to write killer riff-based rhythms that you can use in your songs. Awesome!

DVD 4: – We ain’t done yet! On this DVD we’ll be carrying on with the theme of riff-based rhythm pentatonic playing by learning some of the concepts used in the amazing Jimi track, “Killing Floor.” By doing this, you’ll learn how to tighten up your rhythm chops by add syncopated funk style riffs add double stop runs in your lead riffs. You’ll be blown away by how this sounds coming out of your guitar!

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100 Blues-Rock Licks 5-DVD Set

100-blues-rock-licksDVD 1 – You’ll learn all sorts of basic patterns to help you on your way. This means learning how to use both of these scales as well as how to start using different inversions of chords within those scales so that you can start playing the correct notes from those scale shapes all over the neck over the chords in your progression.

DVD 2 – On this DVD we continue with major pentatonic ideas and using the chord shapes within our scales so that we can learn to hit target notes all over the neck while soloing. This is where you really start sounding ‘in control’ and ‘more expensive’ than you may already sound.

DVD 3 – We start exploring in-depth ideas to help add feel to your playing. This is so important and you’re going to love the depth this gives your playing. We do this by teaching you different types of bending and vibrato.

DVD 4 – We’ll go over pinch harmonics and we’ll also learn how to chain all the shapes together to get from the low part of the neck all the way to the higher registers of the guitar.

DVD 5 – We dive into that melodic, rock-style of blues that’s often used in country music today …. it’s clearly one of the last exciting guitar-driven forms of music out there right now. I’ll show you how to be melodic in your note choice and also how to chain the positions together.

That’s SIX full hours of video lessons, 10 killer studio quality audio jam tracks and a huge reference book of written lessons and scale diagrams that ties it all together. This is a new, groundbreaking course that will skyrocket your playing to the next level….guaranteed.

Here’s what I have for you, and how you’ll benefit . . .

I’ve put together a way to teach lick techniques that work with any scale. This means you now have an endless array of licks that can be blasted all over your playing – it’s not just about learning one lick.

And I simplified everything by showing you how to practice the licks over jam tracks – which I have included in the package.
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Beginners Breakthrough Acoustic Series 6-DVD Set

beginners-breakthroughDVD 1 – We start at “Square One” because this gives any newbie the confidence and excitement to move forward as far as they want to go! We start out learning all of the parts of the guitar: string names, the nut, bridge, neck, tuning pegs, and how to tune. Then we learn basic chords: Em, A, D, G, and Cadd9. Crucial to this is teaching you finger pressure and how not to press too hard so that we can practice without pain.

DVD 2 – Here’s where we pick up on arpeggio patterns and start to gradually increase the difficulty to work on our right-hand accuracy. (You’ll be well-prepared from what you’ve already learned.) Next, we start covering the more difficult open position chords like F, Dm, and different suspended chords. Then you’ll learn the axis of four chords, which is at the core of thousands of songs. (Translation: This is where it starts rocking!)

DVD 3 – Now it’s time to learn to count. We break down both 1/4 and 1/8 note strumming. This gives us the ability to create chord progressions as well as keep ourselves in time while doing it. Then we start tying everything together we have learned so far. (And that’s what mastery begins to feel like, so give yourself a pat on the back at this point!)

DVD 4 – I love this DVD because now it’s time to learn bar chords used in countless popular songs. Don’t let anyone tell you bar chords are difficult – I have some tips and tricks that make them a breeze. We will go over the four most popular major and minor bar chord shapes. Then we will discuss muted bass notes with our bar chords to get that punchy guitar sound used in everything from punk to country.

DVD 5 – It just keeps getting better …. learn different ways to use the open style chords that we already know, using different fingerings inversions and adding and subtracting notes to get cool new sounds from the same old shapes.

DVD 6: – It is time for more moving bass lines, yo! This will help your finger dexterity and chord switching as well as your picking accuracy. We will start using more single note picking within our progressions heard in countless pop and country style songs. We will learn how to take pop progressions and turn them to country so we can use the same old chords and progressions to play or write easily in the two popular styles. Since reggae is such an awesomely popular style of playing used in ALL styles of music today, we go over the fundamentals of how to get that super-cool reggae rhythm sound easily.
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Rock & Blues Rhythm 4-DVD Set

rock-&-blues-rhythm DVD Introduction – In this introduction I discuss the lesson format, the structure for the coming song lessons, and how to piece the song together in the fastest and most efficient manner. She explains how to play the power fifth chords as well as the I, IV, V blues progression.

Four Blues Rhythms – In this section you will learn four distinct blues guitar licks. I start with the most basic blues guitar rhythm which is demonstrated and explained with a tight shot of the neck. You get a chance to play along for practice. You will learn classic and recognizable blues progressions such as the “Hootchie Cootchi” – all broken down in easy-to-learn segments.
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Rock Techniques 3-DVD Set

Rock-TechniquesIn my comprehensive “Rock Techniques” set I show you how to combine multiple techniques and musical concepts into one flowing style.

People are constantly asking me about my influences and how I put together my own “style” (and I don’t mean my facial hair style, ha ha). So, I’ve put together a bunch of essential guitar lessons for your noggin, fusing concepts I use most.

I’ll show you some sweet Rock riffs and give you ideas on how to build YOUR OWN riffs using the Major Pentatonic and Minor Pentatonic scales. Being able to use either scale opens up huge doors for your musical vocabulary and one of my favorite things is mixing a little Major and Minor together, a little “sweet and sour” if you will! You can hear this approach listening to blues rock masters like Hendrix and Clapton. To top it off, I’ll be showing you how to use this technique in your rhythm playing as well.

Something that’s also really important for your musicianship is being able to combine scale positions together. I’ve got some great tricks and exercises that will make learning this fun and super easy!

I’ve been playing for almost 30 year now, and I’ve realized how much “Warm Up” exercises have made me a better guitar player. In this set, I will show you all the most effective “Warm Ups” I’ve learned throughout the years from my favorite guitar teachers. I’m super stoked to be passing them on to YOU!

If all that wasn’t enough, I cover some very special techniques that are a major part of my playing style. I’m talking about String Bending, Tasty Vibrato, Hammer-ons, Hammer-offs, Chromatic licks, and one of my secret weapons, HYBRID PICKING!

WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! As an added BONUS, I’ll show you how I get some of my favorite guitar tones. I’ll break down my pedal and amp combinations and how I use them to get huge guitar tones in this great 3-DVD set. So, what are you waiting for? Dig in!!!!
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Shred Licks 2-DVD Set

shredlicks_updateLearn the harmonic minor scale and licks, picking patterns, tremolo picking, alternate picking exercises, and many licks in the style of Jeff Loomis.

Learn crazy pull off shred patterns and exercises, scale shape variations, rolling warm-up exercises, fast fret hand pull-off licks, and cool ascending picked licks in the style of Shawn Lane.

Learn string skipping techniques and licks, major and minor triad shapes, arpeggios, picking motions and techniques, and moving around the fretboard in the style of Paul Gilbert.

Learn wide interval stretching, tremolo bar tricks and usage, arpeggio licks and patterns, modal licks, one string licks, and more in the style of Jason Becker.
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Explosive Blues Licks DVD

explosive-blues-licksThroughout this DVD you will learn the trademark styles, tones, and techniques of some of the greatest blues guitarists of all-time. This instructional product contains two hours of in-depth playing analysis as well as tons of licks and riffs of the greatest blues legends.

Learn the techniques and interpret the styles of Albert King, Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, BB King, Albert Collins, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Pop in this DVD and learn an array of characteristic licks and playing techniques of some of the greatest blues men of all time.
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