Melodic Soloing On Guitar

In my 100 Blues Rocks Licks course I show how to take your playing to the next level quicker than you ever thought possible! You’ve learned some scales and some chords and you’re starting to play with friends or maybe even some jam tracks but it’s just not happening. It’s frustrating I know, I’ve been… Read More »

Acoustic Has Made Me A Better Player

When I decided I wanted to learn guitar I did it all backwards. Instead of starting on an acoustic, I started out on an electric guitar. It was the ugliest no name $79 dollar electric guitar you could find, but it had distortion and that was all that mattered. I just couldn’t imagine playing Crazy… Read More »

Hendrix Style Riffs

To add some grease to the axels, I’ve got a Hendrix vid for ya! Go grab your guitar real quick! In this lesson I’m gonna teach you some of the keys to the Hendrix kingdom! If you’re anything like me, then I would imagine the impact he had on you is undeniable. Even if you’re… Read More »

How To Play Major Pentatonic

I get this question from a lot of my students and it goes something like this, “How come playing major pentatonic is so much more difficult than minor pentatonic?” So, on our journey towards learning how to solo I find that most of us start learning the minor pentatonic scale first. We spend hours and… Read More »