Melodic Soloing On Guitar

In my 100 Blues Rocks Licks course I show how to take your playing to the next level quicker than you ever thought possible!

You’ve learned some scales and some chords and you’re starting to play with friends or maybe even some jam tracks but it’s just not happening. It’s frustrating I know, I’ve been there before (for a long time), a rut I just couldn’t seem to get out of. To make matters worse, my technique was already good. Major bummer! How come the players in my favorite bands could solo so great and I couldn’t? What did they know that I didn’t? Where did the feel and the melodies in their solos come from? Then, I stumbled across a couple of really simple tricks that changed EVERYTHING! I’ll show you these tricks in the 100 Blues Rock licks course. I’ve gotten so many emails saying that these tips were the light bulb moment for people. To top it off you’ll have 100 more melodic licks under your belt when you’re done! Check out all the details on that course here.

In the meantime, check out this Youtube lesson… it will give you a quick sneak peak into the kinds of things you’ll learn in the 100 Blues Rock Licks course. Don’t worry if the lesson seems a bit beyond where you’re at, there is absolutely something in the Blues Rock Licks course for everyone!

Catch ya Next Time!

Brett Papa
aka papastache


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