Rock Techniques 3-DVD Set – SOLD OUT

Rock-TechniquesTABS INCLUDED!

In my comprehensive “Rock Techniques” set I show you how to combine multiple techniques and musical concepts into one flowing style.

People are constantly asking me about my influences and how I put together my own “style” (and I don’t mean my facial hair style, ha ha). So, I’ve put together a bunch of essential guitar lessons for your noggin, fusing concepts I use most.

I’ll show you some sweet Rock riffs and give you ideas on how to build YOUR OWN riffs using the Major Pentatonic and Minor Pentatonic scales. Being able to use either scale opens up huge doors for your musical vocabulary and one of my favorite things is mixing a little Major and Minor together, a little “sweet and sour” if you will! You can hear this approach listening to blues rock masters like Hendrix and Clapton. To top it off, I’ll be showing you how to use this technique in your rhythm playing as well.

Something that’s also really important for your musicianship is being able to combine scale positions together. I’ve got some great tricks and exercises that will make learning this fun and super easy!

I’ve been playing for almost 30 year now, and I’ve realized how much “Warm Up” exercises have made me a better guitar player. In this set, I will show you all the most effective “Warm Ups” I’ve learned throughout the years from my favorite guitar teachers. I’m super stoked to be passing them on to YOU!

If all that wasn’t enough, I cover some very special techniques that are a major part of my playing style. I’m talking about String Bending, Tasty Vibrato, Hammer-ons, Hammer-offs, Chromatic licks, and one of my secret weapons, HYBRID PICKING!

WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! As an added BONUS, I’ll show you how I get some of my favorite guitar tones. I’ll break down my pedal and amp combinations and how I use them to get huge guitar tones in this great 3-DVD set. So, what are you waiting for? Dig in!!!!