Shred Licks 2-DVD Set

shredlicks_update Learn the scales and licks, picking patterns, tremolo picking, alternate picking exercises, finger tapping and pinch harmonics, and many licks in the style of Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhodes.

Learn crazy pull off shred patterns and exercises, scale shape variations, rolling warm-up exercises, fast fret hand pull-off licks, and cool ascending picked licks to build up speed and dexterity so that you can pull off complex and exciting phrases.

Learn string skipping and sweep picking licks, major and minor triad shapes and arpeggios runs in the style of Paul Gilbert and Yngwie Malmsteen.

Learn killer hard rock pentatonic licks, whammy bar tricks, hybrid picking licks and patterns one string licks and more in the the style of Joe Satriani and Warren DiMartini

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