What Every Student Who Has EVER Picked Up
The Guitar Needs to Learn About Playing
Like They’ve Always Dreamed ...

Hint: It’s NOT just about hitting the right notes.
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To Anyone Who Wants to Get Better on Guitar,

Hey, I’m Brett Papa. (But you can call me “Papa~stache” for obvious reasons. :-)

Let me ask you something...

What is your special guitar dream? Not the scaled-down dream you “think” you should have.

No, I mean the real one, the dream that’s always burned inside you …. but perhaps felt too afraid to wish for.

Is it being that guy at a party who’s kickin’ it on the sofa with a guitar and some friends, wowing everyone with his easy skills? (You know: Where the girls want you and the guys want to be like you. And yes, ladies, it works vice versa for you, too.)

Is it being up on stage in full glory with your own band, ripping ungodly solos or playing rhythm like no one else’s business?

Is it being a musician accomplished enough to be able to play with ANYONE, having that confidence that you belong ANYWHERE, on stage or off, with other musicians and a guitar in your hands?

Or maybe you want nothing more than to be able to put your foot up on a crate on the front porch by yourself and create riffs and licks on demand --- not just a random string of notes but actual music, incredibly dynamic and creative sounds that would make any passerby go, “Whooaaaaa .... who is THAT playing!?”

Well, I'm here to tell you it’s not only possible, but INEVITABLE
when you take the one simple scale you may already know and learn to
APPLY it in ways that may not have occurred to you yet.

And This Is How You Do It ...

Introducing ....

100 Blues-Rock Licks
5-DVD set plus 2 Bonus Gifts
from Papastache!

- Over SIX hours of video lessons on five DVDs!
- EIGHT killer jam tracks so that you’ll want to play constantly!
- Learn 100 licks and create HUNDREDS more on demand!

Marty Schwartz,
Guitar Jamz

"This course is awesome, and
let me tell you why ..."

What does Marty Schwartz think about this blues guitar course? Click the "Play" button below to discover why these lessons are so kick ass..

Want to Know “The Big Secret” That Other
Guitar Teachers Won’t Tell You?

Look, we're not going to insult your intelligence and say that learning guitar is EASY.

It’s not. If it was, then everyone would already be ripping solos like Hendrix, right?

One of my favorite sayings about learning guitar is this one:

"It ain’t easy, but it's simple."

Huh? Let us explain ...

Here’s the thing . . . when you learn the major and minor pentatonic scale, and then you LEARN TO APPLY IT PROPERLY, then you almost instantly go from sounding like a guitar STUDENT to someone who looks and sounds like a lead guitar MASTER . . . all because you took the time to learn just a few licks that, when properly broken down, become second nature and start just flying off your fingers as if they were playing themselves.

But forget about just a few licks. I'm going to teach you 100 licks! And I'm giving you the ability to spin those 100 licks into HUNDREDS MORE — all because you’ll now:

  • Know what’s BEHIND the lick
  • Be able to create your OWN licks
  • Use scales to BUILD riffs and licks
  • Jam over tracks and chord progressions without getting lost

Once you learn what’s BEHIND the lick, then you can create an unlimited number of licks simply and automatically. All you have to do is try it.

Quite simply, this is how you vault up to
that next level — and beyond — QUICKLY!

Wanna Hear Some Samples
from This Amazing Package?

Click below to listen now!


Duck Walkin Jam Track
(Chuck Berry with a rockin' punk edge plus distortion)

Truthful Jam Track
(a happy R&B style perfect for melodic soloing)

Think Urban Jam Track
(Modern country rock)

Yellow Daze Jam Track
(Psychedelic rock in the style of Jimi Hendrix)

12th Bar Jam Track
(Smokey biker bar blues)

Sweet Clone Jam Track
(Blues in the style of Clapton during his Cream years)

NOTE: These are just a few of the many samples! There's tons more ...

Here’s What You’ll Learn
In These DVD Lessons:

  • Learn 100 licks in blues, rock or country styles … and then learn to vary them into an endless array of even MORE licks.

  • Play your licks in all sorts of cool “sub-genres” such as Hendrix psychedelic rock, classic rock, hard rock, basic 1-4-5 blues, punk rock blues and more. Talk about having the complete arsenal!

  • Learn how to play these licks in the context of a song. (Otherwise, what’s the point, right?). You’ll also learn them on different spots on the neck. Can you say, “Mastery”?

  • Master all positions of both the minor and major pentatonic scales --- across the entire fretboard. This huge, as it opens up avenues you didn’t know even existed.

  • Begin to truly learn and understand the notes all over the neck.

  • Learn all the techniques that take whatever you’re playing into another stratosphere — killer devices, such as bending, vibrato, hybrid picking, and more.

  • Learn all about gear and equipment ... I'll show you what I use and what you can use to create a killer sound, no matter what your budget.

  • Do you know how cool it is to be able to stay on one note and make it sound killer over multiple chords? Trust me, it’s awesome. I'll show you how.

  • I will actually show you which notes work and why.

  • How to take the same riff idea and play it in multiple spots on the neck and have it sound like one big cool awesome different riff, like you’re NOT just playing the same notes over and over again. This is when everyone goes, “Wow, how are you DOING that?”

Note: This course is perfect for both the beginner AND intermediate player.
I say that because I start off the lessons by teaching you the basic pentatonic
scale if you need it, and then building my licks and techniques from there.

See, Here’s What We’re Doing In a Nutshell ...

We’re taking that one scale we’ve all learned and then using it to make actual music. To be melodic. To create ideas — not just playing notes but actually hitting the right scale tone over the right chord as it’s going by so that it sounds like music instead of just a scale.

The Problem With Learning Licks ...

I’ll be honest with you — there are other guitar teachers who also teach licks.

But let's tell you a little secret:

There’s one huge mistake people make when learning how to play licks. It’s that they are taught guitar licks – and nothing else.

In other words, they leave it up to you as to how to make use of the licks themselves: how to practice them, how to apply them, how to solo with them, etc.

This is a bigger mistake than you might think. Sure, you’ll get to learn a lick, and that’s fine as far as it goes. But when you learn to play a lick without also knowing what’s behind the lick, then you’re not moving forward or making any real progress.

Here’s the Big Key ...

It’s one thing to learn the basic scale and then learn the basic chord shapes. But when you begin to see how they fit together, you begin to see BOTH.

And NOW you have a lot of options! You can jam on the scale and be flashy if you want, but when you can see those chords while you’re playing, you can now pick and choose exactly which chord tone you want!

This is huge because you’re no longer just HOPING you land on a note that works.

I want you your playing to be like singing. I don’t want it to sound like math.

You’re going to learn vibrato and the real subtle bends and hitting the target notes as they go by and that’s how you sound like you know what you’re doing.

This will make you sound way better than you really are. You’ll “sound expensive” and that’s a good thing, believe us.

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Here’s What You’ll Get In My
"100 Blues-Rock Licks 5-DVD Set"


Here I start with the basics so that no one gets left behind. I show you how to play riffs in minor pentatonic shapes and then I show you how to play major pentatonic riffs. I show you the major pentatonic ideas by using rhythm ideas from Jimi Hendrix so that you can get an idea of how to play major pentatonic riffs, as well as familiarize yourself with the sound of major pentatonic.

You'll learn all sorts of basic patterns to help you on your way. This means learning how to use both of these scales as well as how to start using different inversions of chords within those scales so that you can start playing the correct notes from those scale shapes all over the neck over the chords in your progression.


On this DVD I continue with major pentatonic ideas and using the chord shapes within my scales so that I can learn to hit target notes all over the neck while soloing. This is where you really start sounding "in control" and "more expensive" than you may already sound.

And I also now start applying these major pentatonic ideas over a jam track to start learning how to solo over chord changes. SWEET --- you're going to love how you sound doing this! The first jam track is an R&B track reminiscent of "Sitting On the Dock of the Bay" also influenced by one of Brett's favorite Austin guitar players, Ian Moore.


I start this disc off with a smokey minor blues jam track fit for any biker bar in town. I start exploring in-depth ideas to help add feel to your playing. This is so important and you're going to love the depth this gives your playing. I do this by teaching you different types of bending and vibrato.

You'll also learn:

  • How to spice up common blues licks with different techniques such as hybrid picking and adding more modern approach to the blues in the style of Van Halen.

    This gives you more options to those riffs as well as showing you some of those "secret notes" you've always heard. Ever hear a killer lick and go, "What in the world did he just play?" Well, you'll know after watching this DVD! And you'll learn it in an easily digestible fashion that anyone could start using right away.
  • How to play a "Lay Down Sally" Clapton-style blues tune with a bit of a swing feel. You'll incorporate double stops, 6ths riffs and various other techniques to sharpen up my old school classic rock style licks!
  • Learn one of my favorite tracks out of the whole bunch: "Truthful," which has a very classic R&B feel in which I concentrate on hammering those chord tones and target notes as the chords go by. This one is all about learning how to play melodic!


On to the next three original jam tracks! First up is "Yellow Haze" which takes you straight to Hendrix Land where you'll learn to cut loose and just jam. This is perfect for learning those powerful psychedelic rock riffs!

We'll go over pinch harmonics and we'll also learn how to chain all the shapes together to get from the low part of the neck all the way to the higher registers of the guitar. You'll also learn a lot more about how to mix major and minor pentatonic together to get and endless supply of riff ideas!

The next track is "Sweet Clone" where I go back to the style of the Clapton-era blues centered in the style of Cream. (How classic is THAT?) We'll even break out a wah pedal for this one. Note: you can easily do this track without one, but I do this to explore different equipment ideas to show how the same riffs played with a pedal can give your playing a whole new life. It's all about options!

Next is a song called "Duck Walkin'" that can only be described as Chuck Berry meets Eddie Van Halen! You'll learn all sorts of balls-to-the-wall riffs and even throw in a little tapping! Oh, you didn't think you could do that in blues? Well, you can now, haha!


Here I go over another original track called "Think Urban" where you'll learn how to solo in the style of modern country rock. I dive into that melodic, rock-style of blues that's often used in country music today .... it's clearly one of the last exciting guitar-driven forms of music out there right now. I will show you how to be melodic in your note choice and also how to chain the positions together.

Oh and get this .... to round out the series, I'm going over all his equipment in detail because I get asked this all the time. We're talking everything from guitars, amps, and pedals and more. Bret also shows you how to get the various awesome tones for playing all of the types of music covered on these DVDs.

NOTE: These descriptions are only a partial list. You'll dive into other goodies, and I have other cool surprises waiting for on these discs as well. Let's do this!!

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Bonus No. 1: 90 Days FULL SITE ACCESS to GuitarJamz.com

These last two bonuses are my “Let's-make-this-a-total-no-brainer-for-you” gifts. Why do I say it like that? It’s because this bonus means you get immediate access to the massive guitar lesson portal at Guitar Jamz for THREE FULL MONTHS.

Marty Schwartz and a roster of renowned, all-star guitar teachers have contributed more than 1,800 video tutorials in ALL styles over at Guitar Jamz, including rock, blues, metal, shred, country, jazz, fingerstyle and even reggae.

This will let you supplement My course with whatever else you want, for three full months. This is a $75 retail value that you get for FREE.

Bonus No. 2: Beginner Blues Rhythm Guitar DVD

We're throwing in this full-length DVD just to cover all your bases --- we're leaving no one behind with this one! Titled "Beginner Blues Rhythm Guitar," it's exactly what it sounds like .... and then some.

On this disc, Jennifer Gamble breaks down the blues into their most easily digestible parts for super-fast learning. You'll learn how to play the power fifth chords as well as the I, IV, V blues progression. She also discusses the basic methodology behind playing the blues and how lessons learned in this video can be applied to other songs as well.

There's TONS more on this DVD that I don't have space to list in full, but here's a very partial list:

  • Learn what fingerings work best for fluidity, and how to you can use these rhythms in any key.
  • Learn classic and recognizable blues progressions such as the “Hootchie Cootchi” – all broken down in easy-to-learn segments.
  • Learn from David Taub how to play three different rhythms used in the song "La Grange" by ZZ Top.
  • And LOTS more.

Here's My 100% No-B.S., No-Hassle REFUND POLICY

Let's make this easy for you. I want you to order with total confidence, which is very easy for us to do because everyone loves my tutorials so much.

When you order today, you automatically get a Full 90-day, "no questions asked" return policy on all my DVDs. No hassle, and no worries. And no restocking fee or receipt required, either. You have my word on that. Simply put them into practice and watch yourself playing guitar WAY better in the shortest amount of time possible.

Get started rocking out today, I cannot wait to hear about your progress!

You do not risk anything by ordering now.

Have some fun and LET'S DO THIS!!

P.S. Remember, this package is perfect for both beginning and intermediate players. No matter what your level, you will get what you need with plenty of room to grow.

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