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Do You Want to Know What Separates Those
Awesome Guitar Players Who Can Rip With Ease and
Those Who Eventually Fail or Give Up?

Hint: It’s NOT just about hitting the right notes.
And that’s VERY good news for you ....

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Sessions" 9-DVD set with 3 Bonus Gifts at the
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To Anyone Who Wants to Get Better on Guitar,

Hey, I’m Brett Papa. But you can call me Papastache, for obvious reasons. :-)

Look, if you ever imagined yourself playing kick-ass rock, awesomely gritty blues or head-turning shred ... but then struggled to make it happen for yourself, I want you to know just one thing:

You’re closer than you think to playing the way you’ve always dreamed. WAY closer!

I say that because even a skilled player like myself literally QUIT guitar — more than once!

I’ll admit it. I was a slow learner when I first started.

But I eventually discovered something that most of the thousands of other guitar teachers either don’t possess ... or can’t articulate ... or just plain miss. And I’m about to give it to you right here on this page.

Before I do, though, let me tell you that
this one missing secret will:

Quickly advance you from being able to play only a couple scales to easily and fluidly ripping powerful rhythms and soaring solos — all over the neck.

Give you a step-by-step, practical approach that demystifies how to go from simply mechanically playing notes to creating and improvising MUSIC.

Discover how to take what you already know and begin playing with real FEELING.

Now THAT’S how you begin creating the same types of sounds on your guitar just like all the legends we dig so much — Clapton, Hendrix, Stevie Ray, Eddie Van Halen, David Gilmour, Jimmy Page and so many others.

And it’s also how you learn to improvise so that you can develop your OWN creative sound. In other words, become the COMPLETE PLAYER.

Does it sound awesome? It SHOULD! Let me tell you, playing with such ease and control is even more fun than you can imagine.

However, it wasn’t always this way for me ...

How I Overcame a Case of the ‘Slow Learner Blues’
and Why It’s the Secret to Reaching Your Guitar Goals

Tell Me If You Can Relate to My Story ....

I’ll be completely honest with you — Early on, I really struggled with guitar more than most.

I first got the guitar bug when my mom gave me a Michael Jackson record. I was 7 years old. I heard the solo in the middle of “Beat It” and I was like, “WOW, what is THAT??!!”

Then my brother (who was into Billy Idol at the time) told me that some guy named Eddie Van Halen was the one who played that solo.

So I listened to all the EVH I could, but believe it or not, it was five more years before I ever laid hands on my own guitar.

My first teacher was a long-haired dude named Pat who looked like he just stepped out of an ‘80s hair band, which was cool because I was into that stuff. He tried to teach me some Beatles and I wasn’t getting very far.

He finally asked me what I was into. I said Van Halen and Ozzie.

So he taught me “Iron Man” and dude, that’s when I was HOOKED!! Then it was onto “Crazy Train” and then he even showed me how to tap like EVH (which sent me over the edge!!)

I was a slow learner, but eventually learning those first couple songs was all it took for me to want to play for hours every day.

But I noticed something weird after that ....

All my friends seemed to progress more quickly than me. Now part of that was because my favorite stuff just so happened to be the more difficult stuff to master, but I could still tell something was missing.

I actually got discouraged and quit playing for a while. I was still just a kid, you know how it goes. :-)

Then Something Really Cool Happened...

I Met a “Reluctant Guitar Guru” Who Nearly
Refused to Share His Secrets With Me

A couple years later, I decided to go back to my old teacher’s house. He had these stacks of amps at his house and some old VHS tapes lying around. One of them was a Paul Gilbert shred tape. I really got into it and began burying myself into more videos.

But what REALLY turned the corner from me was when I met a somewhat mysterious guitar guru named Mark. This was a buddy of mine I’d met when I was 18. And to this day, he’s probably STILL the best guitar player I’ve ever seen in my LIFE.

Seriously .... this guy is in the top 5 percent of guitar players in the entire WORLD, no question about it. Back in the day he played in bands and regularly won guitar competitions (this was back when those events were common).

He eventually moved to L.A. and never really “made it” in the traditional sense. But he remains the single most influential person I met about guitar, period.

Here’s what happened ....

When I saw how truly good this Mark guy was, I couldn’t stop thinking about getting better. I just HAD to get me some of that!

Problem was, he wouldn’t teach me. Not because he was a jerk or anything — he was actually a good friend of mine. It was just because he poured all his energy into playing and just wasn’t interested in doing something that took him away from his craft.

But I was OBSESSED. I wouldn’t give up. I really nagged and pleaded with him. My feeling was, “Dude, I’ll sweep your floors or whatever ....”

I mean, honestly, it was kinda pathetic, really. But he finally relented. And he let me hang out with him when he was playing alone. By this time, I was getting pretty good and he started showing me some of the “inner secrets” of the top players, guys I really loved.

And he wouldn’t just show me .... he would literally break licks down for me, move by move, and EXPLAIN them. He showed me a bunch of techniques this way that other teachers couldn’t even do.

(By the way, little did I know that learning this way would give me my own blueprint not only for revolutionizing my own play, but for being able to teach others these same secrets.)

Anyway, Mark encouraged me to start IMPROVISING. He taught me a few scales and told me to begin improvising over some backing tracks.

BAM! My ability began to skyrocket forward.
Now, am I saying that this is how EVERY student should get better?
No, not necessarily. But here’s the important takeaway ....

I had found a way to play MUSIC with FEELING rather
than just mechanically strum scales over and over again.

When you nudge yourself into this new territory, THAT’S when the magic happens.

I was so excited about this method of getting better, that I started teaching it to others. And it worked like crazy.

Now I don’t want to get all “zen” on you or anything, but getting better at guitar is NOT just about hitting the right notes. It’s about the EXPERIENCE. It’s about MINDSET. And I discovered that I had a real knack for demonstrating and transferring this crucial dynamic to others in a way that other teachers simply couldn’t.

Look, there’s hundreds of other teachers out there who can teach you how to play the essential chords, the important scales, all the other mechanical things you need to do to move guitar strings around.

But if you really want to get good enough to play something that sounds like actual music, that immediately gives your listener the shocking realization that “Dayum, this guy can really PLAY!”, then you have to be able to make that leap from wooden repetition bot to fluid song master who can rip like no one else’s business.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you here. I’ve been doing this for countless other students for years, and what I keep hearing back from them is how much FUN they’re having. It’s like they’re just hanging out and having a good time.

(Maybe that’s because I’m known as something of a “character.” Oh well. :-)

I mean, seriously, why go through all that unnecessary pain to get better? Wouldn’t you rather bypass all that?!

When you learn guitar from me this way, it will unlock everything
BEHIND the notes, chords and scales and pretty soon you fully
understand how to play music, almost automatically

But don’t worry, I ALSO give you those necessary fundamentals in case you haven’t learned them yet or need brushing up.

Because my approach seems to be resonating with so many others, I’ve just finished putting together an entirely DVD package that lets you take advantage of this radically effective dynamic.

Introducing ....

The Ultimate Blues/Rock Expression
Sessions 9 DVD set

Here’s What You’ll Learn In My
"Ultimate Blues/Rock Expression
Sessions 9-DVD Set"

  • Everything behind the chords and scales that will make you a better rock and blues guitar player (no matter what your current level — this package is good for ALL ability levels).
  • All the essential fundamentals in case you don’t have them already. You’ll use these as a springboard to play at higher levels.
  • All things shred, whether it’s bar dives, sweep picking, hammer-on and pull-off runs, tapping, tremolo picking, harmonics and all those other cool things that all the shredders from “back in the day” pioneered.
  • Warm-up exercises that are useful and perfect (rather than pointless and drudgery like so many others).
  • How to incorporate scales into your rhythm playing to take you from black and white to 3-D color.
  • How to create the same sound and feel as your favorite guitar legends: Eddie Van Halen, David Gilmour, Neal Schon, George Lynch, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck, Warren DeMartini (from Ratt), Eric Clapton and others.
  • A practical, demystifying approach that will take you from playing mere scales to creating MUSIC. (How to find the chords beneath the scales you’re playing — they’re there, I promise!)
  • Simple tools to apply so that you can play slowly and sound like you know what you’re doing. Secret: You don’t have to play fast to sound fast!
  • How to easily master quarter note bends and all the little rhythmic ideas that will enable you to communicate a lot with just a little bit. (It’s like being able to make a whole paragraph out of just five words.)
  • A whole new way of “seeing” your music before you even play it. This is how you develop FEEL and begin sounding like you’ve been playing for decades.
  • How to take two scale shapes and mix them together in a certain way that gives you limitless ideas.
  • How to RELAX when you’re playing. (This might be a bigger key than you realize.)

An Important Note About These DVDs ....

You don’t need to understand a lot coming in. Everything I teach in this program is based on just a couple scales I will teach you. (And if you already know them, so much the better.)

In other words, I show you how to take scale patterns you already know and apply them in a new way so that it doesn’t sound like the same thing you’ve heard a thousand times over. You’ll be playing special new notes and you’ll go, “Whoaaaa, WHAT WAS THAT?!”

Look, there’s nothing that Clapton and Gilmour are doing you can’t do also! I realize that might sound crazy. But here’s the thing: It’s HOW they use those notes that gives their playing that FEEL you want so bad. And believe me, you’re closer than you think! I’ll take you from a scale to feeling in no time at all.

Ready to Order?
Or would you like to see more detail and hear
about some special bonuses I’m offering?

Claim Your Copy of My Re-Released
"Ultimate Blues/Rock Expression Sessions
9-DVD Set" with 3 Bonus Gifts Now!

299.50 119.95 $69.00!

Here’s What You’ll Get In My "Ultimate
Blues/Rock Expression Sessions" 9-DVD Set

Rock and Blues Rhythm 4-DVD Set

I LOVE this DVD because rhythm guitar playing is one of the most under appreciated things in guitar today! Flashy, rippin’ runs are AWESOME (and trust me, you’ll learn those, too, in this course), but seriously, rhythm playing is one of the most important things in all of guitar playing. Think about it: you remember just about every great song for its rhythm playing, too. So let’s take your rhythm playing to the next level — and make it fun and exciting in the process.

Here’s where you become a complete player. What you’ll learn:

  • Open position chords, moving bass lines, and how to add little melodies on top of typical chord progressions on the higher strings.
  • Master arpeggiated chord runs, and play more rock-influenced riffs whether its Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix or other legends.
  • How to mix major and minor together and how to use pentatonic positions in rhythm playing to include little riffs in your songs.

Bottom line: There is SO much you can do to spice up your play and have more fun. So let’s do that!

Rock Techniques 3-DVD Set

What’s in these DVDs? Simple: Everything that will make you a better rock guitar player! After showing you some perfect warm-up exercises (using both major and minor pentatonic scales as well as chromatics), I’ll show you hammer-ons and pull-offs, as well as how to chain scale ideas together.

You will also learn:

  • TONS of different rhythm ideas.
  • How to incorporate scales into your rhythm playing.
  • Crucial techniques like bending, vibrato, alternate picking, hybrid picking, and many more.
  • How to play with FEEL,
  • A special chapter on “Influences,” where we delve into various styles of guys like Hendrix, Van Halen, Gilmour, Neal Schon, George Lynch and others.
  • How to find a key, the right notes to hit in the progression you’re playing over.
  • How to get a great rock tone!

Shred Licks 2-DVD Set

This is where you learn ALL things shred! I’m talking everything from bar dives, sweet picking, and hammer on and pull off runs ... to tapping, tremolo picking, harmonics, and fills we can use in our rhythm playing.

I’ll also give you all sorts of warmup exercises, too. And I’ll also show you how to chain scales together and make them melodic. Do you want to know how to add feel to your playing? I teach you just that on this DVD. Plus you’ll learn how to do all those things the shredders “back in the day” discovered to become the awesome players we love so much today. This is good for all levels. Let’s do this!

FREE Shipping
Ultimate Blues/Rock Expression
Sessions 9-DVD Set

YES Brett, I want it! Please let me have one of the 200 available copies of your "Ultimate Blues/Rock Expression Sessions" 9-DVD Set for just 299.50 119.95 $69.00

I want to use your Proven Blues and Rock Guitar Learning System to:

  • Play Sizzling Guitar Solos...
  • Amazing 12 bar Blues Rhythms...
  • Wicked licks, and...
  • Smokin' Guitar Blues riffs!

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WAIT! I’m Not Done Yet!

Here Are 3 Awesome Bonuses I’ve Put Together
For You Just For Giving This a Try ....

Explosive Blues Licks DVD

You’re in for a total treat here because I have LOADS of killer stuff to make you better blues player. Stuff like:

Here’s where you become a complete player. What you’ll learn:

  • How to combine major and minor pentatonic (way easier than you think).
  • Learn all the crucial blues techniques such as bending, vibrato, sliding, and most importantly how to play the blues with FEEL.
  • How to become not just a great blues player but a great blues ROCK player.
  • How to apply pentatonic positions to our rhythm playing as well so that we’re better rhythm players in addition to killing it on lead.

Retail value: $24.95

Yours FREE!

90-Day FULL Website Access to GuitarJamz.com

These last two bonuses are my “Let-me-make-this-a-total-no-brainer-for-you” gifts. Why do I say it like that? It’s because this bonus means you get immediate access to the Guitar Jamz private membership site for 90 days. That site, which features Marty Schwartz, has more than 1,800 guitar lesson videos in ALL styles, including rock, blues, metal, shred, country, jazz, fingerstyle and even reggae. This will let you supplement my course with whatever else you want, for three full months. This is a $75 retail value that you get for FREE.

Retail value: $75.00

Yours FREE!

54 Backing Jam Tracks
(Digital MP3 Download)

That's right! You're also getting a complete collection of 54 jam tracks! (Wow.) You probably already know how useful and FUN playing along with jam tracks are. But they're also totally useful because they accelerate your progress on guitar much faster than just about any other tool.

You will LOVE these custom-recorded tracks. Why? Because you'll never want to stop practicing when you hear how great you sound with them. It's like you're playing in front of a full-on band. And you'll never get bored of them either because they come in a variety of blues-rock styles and tempos. Enjoy and put them to good use!

Retail value: $54.95

Yours FREE!

Here's My 100% No-B.S., No-Hassle REFUND POLICY

Let me make this easy for you. I want you to order with total confidence, which is very easy for me to do because everyone loves my tutorials so much.

When you order today, you automatically get a Full 90-day, "no questions asked" return policy on all my DVDs. No hassle, and no worries. And no restocking fee or receipt required, either. You have my word on that. Simply put them into practice and watch yourself playing guitar WAY better in the shortest amount of time possible.

Get started rocking out today, I cannot wait to hear about your progress!

You do not risk anything by ordering now.

Have some fun and LET'S DO THIS!!

P.S. Remember, this package is perfect for both beginning and intermediate players. No matter what your level, you will get what you need with plenty of room to grow.

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